Healing Through Schuessler Tissue Salts

Although clinically unverifiable, Schuessler tissue salts are extensively utilized to help treat illness or imbalances in the body. Schuessler salts have been divided into 12 primary types, and 15 small types, each with specific residential or commercial properties.

The doctor Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler established this technique in the late 19th century. He found that minerals are as essential to the body as oxygen, and an imbalance in specific minerals is one of the causes of illness. He then went on to separate the 12 main minerals that the body requires and classified them by main function.

There are two primary schools of believed on how the Schuessler tissue salts buy tissue salts work, but the primary belief is that the tissue salts function as a stimulation therapy instead of a substitution therapy. Does are so diluted (a normal 6X dosage means that one gram of mineral salt is contained in one tonne of tablets) that actually taking in the pills does not provide the body with adequate minerals but rather passes a message into the bloodstream and directly into the cells. This then awakens the cell to the truth that it is lacking the particular mineral and lets it absorb more to stabilize itself out. The replacement therapy believers feel that taking sufficient quantities of a specific type of Schuessler salt in greater dosages should be able to http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=Tissue Salts offer the body with its fundamental mineral requirement.

Schuessler salts and homeopathy both run on the exact same principles, however whereas homeopathy has thousands of different remedies, the Schuessler salts are well documented and categorized into unique groups making it much simpler to rapidly determine your treatment based upon signs. Several excellent books on the subject provide histories of the numerous conditions and their remedies, along with tabulated references based on signs. See the references on our website to learn more.

The terrific aspect of recovery yourself with Schuessler biochemical salts is that you can't actually go wrong - the quantities are so diluted that there's no danger of overdose, however if you do get the ideal solution your body can start its healing procedure more easily. You can use tissue salts along with any continuous treatment, be it allopathic or ayurvedic without any risks.

The purpose of this article is not to go into a detailed description of the various salts and their usages but to show that this alternative therapy technique must be taken seriously and might help and even in many cases change other techniques of treatment.